What Kind of Books You Will Find in Astria Digital Library


Even though ebooks have been around for some time now, their authenticity is still debated. 

Which is superior: a digital book comprised of bits and pixels or a traditional book comprised of ink and paper? How will libraries fare in this digital age?

This is a misunderstanding: an ebook is not a “real book” if you define it as a collection of printed pages, but it is still an object that stores and transmits information. What changes is its appearance, not its content: a book’s primary function remains unchanged.

Which is better depends on each reader’s needs: supporters of ebooks and staunch defenders of printed books can be correct because they want different things from their reading experience.

One aspect of digitalization that has advanced by leaps and bounds is the accessibility of reading: let us look at how digital libraries improve it.

You Can Read Wherever You Want.

Since ebooks are essentially files, a collection of such files, known as a digital library, is significantly lighter and smaller than its physical counterpart. Whether you make your own reading collection or subscribe to a digital library, ebooks let you take your reading favorites with you wherever you go.

If reading on the go isn’t your thing, there are other benefits: with astria digital library you can travel more, but also read while traveling less.

This is especially useful for scholars and students: imagine you need to consult a rare or difficult-to-find text, such as an out-of-print edition of a book or an ancient, fragile manuscript that cannot leave its building.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you have a few options:

  • Buy a copy, which may take some time and money.
  • Ask your local library to send it to you, which may include inconvenient waiting times and shipping costs.
  • In extreme cases, travel to where the book is kept, may be expensive and extremely difficult if you have mobility issues preventing you from traveling.

However, if that book was included in a digitization project and is now part of a digital library, you can read it from your home with no travel or shipping costs.

You may want to see the original if you are interested in its physical features, but if all you need is the content, the digital form of a book is far more convenient.

Everyone Can Benefit From Reading.

Mobility impairments are not the only barrier to reading: choosing digital over traditional can help alleviate some of the difficulties that certain groups of people may face. For starters, because reading relies heavily on sight, people with poor eyesight may struggle.

You may want to see the original if you are interested in its physical features, but if all you need is the content, the digital form of a book is far more convenient. This isn’t the only way ebooks have made reading more accessible.

Someone who is still learning a language and has limited comprehension of complex texts can benefit from dictionary and thesaurus functions, which can help them expand their vocabulary and explain the meaning of unfamiliar words, allowing them to read books they would otherwise be unable to understand.

Finally, digital libraries have the potential to remove a variety of physical, cognitive, and even financial barriers that previously prevented people from experiencing the joy of reading.

Read Anything You Want in a Single Click

Just in case you wondered if a subscription to Astria Digital Library is worth it, our library contains hundreds of thousands of books, not to mention magazines and articles!

You will find the work of countless authors and creators, from hundreds of publishers, and millions of options to choose from if you include documents shared by our community. The best part is that we are constantly adding new content!

There is no limit to the number of books you can read or listen to each month when it comes to reading. When your subscription renews for the next month, your library will be refreshed, allowing you to choose from our entire library once more. This balance allows us to ensure that authors are fairly compensated for their entire body of work.

Do you want to read something new? You are welcome to visit our library at any time of day or night. In addition to our books and audiobooks, we have sheet music, magazine articles, and podcasts.

Our library is open for business, so start browsing the shelves!

Get unlimited access to all of your faves, for less than the price of a single book by signing up for Astria Digital Library. 

For any questions simply contact us or find the right plan for your needs here.

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