How to Get Back Into Reading? 8 Techniques to Try Today

What do you prefer to do in your spare time? One of the most popular and beneficial pastime activities is reading books

Still, the reading spark can wear off over time. You could probably find yourself in two of the following scenarios: You’ve read books daily when you were a student or when you didn’t have as much work pressure as you have now. 

If you wonder how to get back into reading, this article can help.

Before we start, we guess you know that getting back into the habit can be challenging if you haven’t read books in a while.

It can be difficult to read books for an extended period in a world where technology has taken over.

So, how to get into reading books again? In this article, we’ve compiled various tried-and-true methods for getting back in the game. And we guarantee that if you use these techniques, you’ll be reading again in no time.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Establish a Specific Routine

You could use this technique as a fancy one for yourself. But here’s something you should know.

People usually stop reading because they don’t have time. So, if you can set aside time for learning, you’ll develop a habit. And, once you’ve established a routine, reading will feel just as good as before.

Book lovers consider reading to be a way to escape time. This means you should try to squeeze in some reading time before bed. The more time you devote to reading, the better.

2. Set a Goal And Strive to Achieve it

Having goals is necessary for living. They can inspire and push people to surpass their limits. Similarly, you can set goals for yourself when reading books.

In this section, you can set a goal of finishing this book within two weeks. Furthermore, you can consider reading 5-6 books per month to develop a habit.

We don’t want you to interpret this as a competition. Even though many people read nearly 100 books in a year, this is not the mindset you should have.

Reading should always be enjoyable and pleasurable. If you think of it as a race, it will be useless in the long run.

So take it slowly and try to enjoy it. That is the primary goal of reading books: To enjoy and escape time.

3. Choose Wisely

This one is a bit tricky since it calls for introspection. The answer is simple: Choosing a book that meets a need or desire in your life makes it more likely that you’ll finish it.

Here are a few examples to give you some ideas:

  • When stuck at home, consider an epic fantasy as a getaway.
  • Try a relevant how-to book if you’re starting a new hobby.
  • When you’re stressed, having a good laugh can help. Choose a comedy.
  • Don’t know what you require? Not to worry. Pick whatever sounds appealing at the time.

4. Have eBooks on Your Smartphone

As long as you carry a book, you can always find time to read; what better way to do so than on your phone? When commuting, waiting in line, or taking a short break, simply read on your phone

Finding time to sit down and read can get challenging, but allocating 10 minutes to reading throughout the day can be a great mental break.

5. Unplug From Social Media

You can easily waste 30 minutes on Facebook browsing emails, responding to text messages, or watching dog videos. Discipline your mind to read a book instead of staring at a screen (or an e-book).

You’d be surprised how quickly those three to five minutes spent updating your timeline to see the latest tweets can add up. We have time to read; we just don’t manage our time well enough to make it a priority.

6. Track Your Progress

It is preferable to begin slowly. However, don’t stop there because you’ll need to pick up the pace eventually. When first starting to read books, set aside 20-25 minutes. 

You don’t need to set a timer and start reading books here because that would be hilarious. Simply keep track of how many pages you’re reading.

And, the next time you begin, try to read a little more than you did the first time. By doing so, you’ll trick yourself into making it a habit.

Once you’ve formed this habit, you’ll be done reading book after book.

7. Consider Audio Books

Scheduling time to read is frequently impossible. Consider substituting audio for reading. Audiobooks and podcasts, for example, are extremely efficient ways of consuming content. 

Turn on your favourite book the next time you commute, work out, or clean. You’ll efficiently fill your downtime and read more books than ever before.

8. Finishing is Not Mandatory

You may have a habit of starting and finishing any book. However, reading is more important than the finish line in this case. Instead, you can start by reading a chapter or a passage. Remember that reading is essential, not the final digit of a book.

As a result, reading some portions of well-known books could make you feel good. This can help you make reading a habit. You’ll gradually grow more interested and develop a desire to finish books.

Final Words

As you can see, you don’t need much free time to incorporate reading into your daily routine. Begin by surrounding yourself with books that you want to read. Then, spend small amounts of time reading your book throughout the day. 

Find new reading material and inspiration from other avid readers. You’ll soon be reaping the benefits of stepping into someone else’s world through reading.

Finally, it’s up to you to make a change in your life. That being said, the methods and tips shared in this article will assist you in bringing about that change.

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