5 Soft Skills to Learn in 2022

Need a recipe for success in the future job market? Embrace your soft side. 

Benefits of soft skills in the workplace are plentiful: First, they allow candidates to work seamlessly with maximum efficiency. This is why for 2022, you should look forward to obtaining both technical and soft skills relevant to the role if you want to stay competitive. 

You can always pick up a book or choose an online course to amp up your industry knowledge when it comes to technical skills. 

Back to our topic, how soft skills are important? Harvard, University of Michigan and Boston College took part in studies that emphasized communication and problem-solving soft skills training. According to the findings, those who demonstrated important soft skills increased productivity and retention by 12%. 

For those still wondering why are soft skills important in the workplace, these businesses reported a return on investment of a whopping 250%! Finally, according to the National Soft Skills Association, having well-developed soft skills accounts for 85% of job success.

In conclusion, if you want to get your dream job and advance in your career, you need proper soft skills training.

First, what are soft skills exactly? Unlike hard skills, which are often job-specific and learned through education or training, soft skills reflect your personality and work style. Soft skills are frequently applied in a variety of contexts. 

For example, if you’re a well-organized team member with excellent communication skills, those abilities will serve you well in any situation! Soft skills are also crucial to the bottom line: According to Hay Group research, managers who incorporate soft skills into their leadership style can improve their team’s performance by up to 30%.

So, what soft skills to put on resume? Continue reading for our soft skills list guaranteed to take your career to the stardom and beyond:

5 Soft Skills to Learn in 2022 

1. Adaptability

To achieve and sustain success, one must be adaptable. Professionals who easily adapt to change are the ones who remain focused and motivated despite changing circumstances. They exemplify leadership qualities and are recognized by the organization for adding value.

Because of the pandemic, most businesses were forced to adapt to new ways of working, whether it was working from home for corporations or operating at a reduced capacity for restaurants.

Adaptability is the ability to perform outside of one’s comfort zone. The ability to accept change while remaining flexible is a necessary soft skill for everyone in order to survive and thrive.

2. Innovative Problem-Solving

Problem-solving in an innovative manner is one of the top soft skills employers are looking for in the coming year. Detecting an error at work is an indication of superior knowledge.

Employers prefer candidates who aren’t afraid to take on new challenges. Whenever you go to an interview, always mention the challenges you’ve faced in the past and how you overcame them. Hiring managers prefer innovative problem solvers over blame-passers.

3. Emotional Intelligence

If a person has emotional intelligence (EQ), they can perceive, react to, and respond to their own emotions and feelings of others. It is critical to maintain emotional stability when working with others because your emotions can easily affect those around you.

Hiring managers look for candidates who demonstrate these skills when making business decisions or receiving constructive criticism. Furthermore, many studies show that a high EQ is directly related to job satisfaction.

4. A Good Work Ethic

Emotions, as previously stated, can easily affect your coworkers. Furthermore, energy spreads. When you bring a positive mindset to difficult situations, you will see it spread throughout the workplace.

A candidate demonstrates a positive work ethic when their demeanor indicates that they are committed to their job even during tough times. Furthermore, you demonstrate to your coworkers that you are responsible, dependable, productive, and collaborative.

5. Communication

Communication, listening, and public speaking skills are also becoming increasingly important. Knowing how to communicate effectively is essential for developing professional relationships, whether with teammates, supervisors, organizational leaders, or clients.

Experience with people from different cultures can help you improve your communication skills. And being aware of cultural sensitivities will allow you to operate comfortably in various settings, including other countries and locations. International internships and work experience can aid in the development of an open, global mindset, which is highly valued by global corporations worldwide.

Bonus Skill: Teamwork

The market and our workplaces will continue to move at breakneck speed, fueled by an onslaught of new technology. To meet these demands, successful people must be able to collaborate with others and be adaptable.

Knowing how to work in a team, capitalize on each team member’s unique strengths, deal with frustrations, and adapt to rapidly changing work environments are all essential skills in the workplace of the future.

Choosing an educational program that allows you to work on group projects, for example, will help prepare you to face any new challenge.

Enhance Your Soft Skills in 2022

With all of the changes in the workplace over the last year, you must be confident in your soft skills before interviewing for a job.

Having a comprehensive set of soft skills in your toolkit can help you stand out from the crowd and adapt to new ways of working in the future. Soft skills will set you apart throughout your career. This is your sign to make them a part of your educational experience!

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